Custom Design and Construction Building from Americon Construction Company

The design build method is our construction method of choice.   We find that our most successful projects are design build because we have the ability to have input in the project from day one. Having the ability to be involved in the project from the initial concept can prevent many timely and costly errors.   This method is structured between Americon and the project owner directly, in which Americon is the signal source of responsibility for the entire project.

Our due diligence and pre-construction services during in this method will jump start your project to the first step toward a successful project. We follow the process below:

  • Establishing project objectives
  • Creating a strategy/approach
  • Include all parties in the pre-design efforts (architects, engineers, owners, occupants, and subcontractors)
  • Identify potential constraints
  • Budgetary reviews
  • Establishing a guaranteed maximum price
  • Product reviews
  • Organizing a project team
  • Creating a schedule.

Having the ability to perform this preconstruction service can prevent many future project changes, which in return prevent schedule delays and cost changes.  In our experience projects under the design build method run smoother, are less costly, and have a quicker start to completion.