Developing a parcel of land, or an existing building can be a very complex process with many negotiations, filings, and approvals.  With over 39 years of experience in dealing with all types of developments, the team at Americon knows the potential difficulties that can occur.  Through experience in the industry, we can avoid these situations from the outset.   Americon can provide services of site analysis, government approvals, financing, city/state/municipality approvals, environmental review, maintenance, and leasing structures.

Serving as a developer, builder, and owner for over 39 years provides us with great experience and expertise.  Having ownership or property management stakes in many of our previous developments offers us with end-use operations knowledge.  Acknowledging and understanding the maintenance and leasing struggles during the design and construction phase throughout any development can significantly increase the success rate of that development.  Designing properties that are maintenance-free and attractive to a specific clientele requires an experienced developer and contractor.  Americon is exactly that contractor.  Let’s get your project dreams to reality.

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