Americon is a construction and development firm that builds relationships by instilling confidence. Over the past 40 years our team has constructed almost every type of building imaginable, while developing and retaining within the company, the finest craftsmen possible.

Our services range from selecting a piece of land to hanging the last door. We are one of Western Wisconsin’s largest multi-family dwelling builders, having constructed thousands of apartment units and hundreds of thousands square feet of office / retail space.

We have over 35 craftsmen carpenters working directly for us, and we attribute our success directly to them.  Many of whom have been with us for over 25 years, have had a hand in helping build over 1,000 units.  Our core focus is achieving the highest possible quality of craftsmanship, while leaving long-lasting relationships with all parties involved, whether it’s project owners, sub contractors, material suppliers, or municipality personnel.


At Americon Construction, we believe that a contractor must have strong relationships with project subcontractors in order to receive the best possible end results. Our goal is to establish confidence and trust in every construction client through the highest integrity, and quality of work attainable.  This strategy has led to 85% of our annual sales coming from repeat customers.



  • 1980 – Americon is a construction firm located in Tomah, Wisconsin, founded by Brian Buswell in 1980.  What began as a lumberyard & residential home builder has evolved into a full commercial construction and development firm that exists today.  Americon has a portfolio of projects including new construction or remodel of Churches, Restaurants, Retail, Professional & Office Buildings, Educational Institutions, Multi-Family, and Senior Living Facilities.
  • 1983 – Three years after Brian founded the company, he added business partner and friend, Todd Page.  An experienced accountant, Todd added strength to areas that helped the business grow even stronger, and remained focused on its future.
  • 1994 – The company’s first retail store with building materials was opened in Tomah, Wisconsin.  The store was, and still is, a member of the national “Do it Best” hardware chain, and named “All American Do it Center.”  They closed the Norwalk lumberyard in transition to the new Tomah Store.
  • 2004 –  a second Center was built by Americon and opened up in Sparta,
  • 2014 – A third retail center was built, serving the community of Richland Center.
  • Along the way, Americon has built or remodeled many different types of buildings, including Churches, Restaurants, Retail Buildings, a Manufacturing Facility, Professional & Office Buildings, Educational Institutions, Multi-Family and Senior Living Facilities and more.

Today, Brian is the company’s President, and although partner Todd is making a gradual step away into retirement, he is still involved on a daily basis.  Brian’s son, Matthew, is in position to lead the company into the future.  He holds a bachelors degree in Business management, a minor in economics & a post-bachelors degree in Construction Management from the university of Minnesota, bringing a plethora of knowledge and business acumen to the company.

You can learn more about some of our team here.