The design build method is our construction method of choice. We find that our most successful projects are design build, because it allows us to have input into the project from day one. Our industry experience can provide valuable feedback for the client in the planning stages, and prevent many timely and costly errors. By assigning Americon responsibility for the entire project, it strengthens the channel of communication between client and the project.

Our due diligence and pre-construction services during design-build will advance your project to the first step. Our design-build process includes:
• Establishing project objectives
• Creating a strategy/project approach
• Include all parties in pre-design (architects, engineers, owners, occupants, and subcontractors)
• Identify potential constraints
• Budgetary reviews
• Establishing a guaranteed maximum price
• Product reviews
• Organizing a project team
• Creating a schedule

Having the ability to perform preconstruction service can prevent many future project changes –  changes that typically cause schedule delays and impact the project’s cost. Typically, the design-build method is less costly and results in a shorter project timeline.

Construction Management

In the construction management method, the owner hires an architectural firm and construction firm at the same time. The construction manager and architectural firm work together on the initial concept stage, design, construction process, and project closeout.

Americon has performed many contracts under this method, with great success. The key to success with this method is to have an architectural firm and construction firm that over-communicate with one another.  The construction management method helps reduce design errors, maintain budget control with the early involvement of the contractor, and overall improved quality control with the contractor’s oversight.

General Contracting

General contracting is the most traditional and common method for construction projects. In this method, the project owner hires an individual architect to develop the plans, and then puts it out for general contractors to “bid the project” once the architect’s plans have been fully developed.  Americon handles many projects based on this approach, which can be very successful with the correct team in place.

Project Management

Being involved in all aspects of the project strengthens communication between the client and builder, and results in a finished project that meets or exceeds the client’s expectations.  Having the proper line of communication throughout the project’s duration will achieve the results expected.

Project Cost Analysis

It’s important to make sure that your project is feasible to begin with.  Performing a project cost analysis weighs many factors, including cost of materials, cost of labor, timeline to complete the project vs. the timing of when owner occupancy can occur, and other hidden costs.  Will these costs, combined with yearly operating costs be able to support the intended use?  Profitability and ROI are weighed here.  This is an important step that must not be overlooked early in the planning stages.

Operating Cost Analysis

So you’ve got this beautiful new building completed.  Have you weighed the factors impacting the operational costs once you’ve taken over ownership?  Our team runs an operating cost analysis, so you have an idea on what it will cost you.  Utility expenses, taxes, or other hidden costs to run the building for its intended use are analyzed.  No one wants to find out unexpected surprises after completion.

Site Selection Analysis

Will the site you want to build on support its intended use?  During the initial stages of the project concept, we discuss with the client on factors that may impact the ROI, including location, climate, accessability, utility access, and more.  Maybe there is another site elsewhere that would fulfill the needs and feasibility of the project better.

Project Design

Our team will provide the client with site plans & maps, as well as rendered images.  The rendered images will give you a realistic feel of what the finished product will look like upon completion.

Municipality Approvals

Before the project can take off, approvals must be granted by the local governing body.   Whether it’s a city or township, we make sure that the proposal is presented to, and then approved in accordance with zoning restrictions.


Our projects are designed with care looking well into the future.  Not only do we focus on energy efficiency in how we select insulation or HVAC systems, we also consider alternative solutions that help minimize the impact on your budget.  Examples of green initiatives or sustainability include rooftop solar panels or EV charging stations.

Project Closeouts

Construction project closeout is the final phase of the project’s lifecycle. We’ll collect and package all the end-of-project deliverables for presentation to the owner.  It is an important milestone in the project, and the relationship with the project owner, as it officially marks the start of the project’s turnover process.

Safety Procedures

Our team takes safety seriously – it’s priority #1.  We lead our team members on proper safety precautions at the jobsite and have regularly scheduled safety meetings.  A pro-active approach on safety minimizes the risk of injury, keeps the project on schedule, and results with a quality finished product.

Historical Restoration

Our team has performed many historical site restorations.  The experience that our team has, allows us to pay attention to every little detail, all while completing the work efficiently.